15 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Nowadays, having a website has become essential for any company, venture or business, no matter what size it is. Years ago, many companies lacked a presence on social media or the internet. However, that has changed over time.

The owners of companies and businesses in general, have understood that having a website today implies generating more business. Why? Simple, because when people are looking for something today they prefer to look for it on the internet.

However, if you decide to create a web page, it is important that you take several things into consideration. First of all, the website must in some way represent what the company is and its essence. In addition, it must be able to sell its products and services to all who visit it.

For the website to be successful and represent it has all these characteristics, it is recommended that it be designed by a professional. In this way, you will not only be creating your website but will also be receiving constant maintenance and, if necessary, redesigned.

The reasons to redesign a page

One of those reasons may be the implementation of a new marketing strategy that requires changes to the web. Another reason may be that the website is already outdated, as the company grew and evolved to another level.

It may also be that the page is not attracting more potential customers. Alternatively, it is not such an attractive page. This is clear given that those who visit it do not stay on it for the expected amount of time.

We are going to talk about the 15 reasons why a company needs to redesign its website. It goes without saying that these are just some of the reasons. In some cases, the redesign happens due to particular reasons for each company.

However, these are the 15 most common reasons why you need to redesign your business website.

1. The usability and organization of the content is not optimal

Nowadays it is not enough just to have an Internet presence just by having a web page. The truth is that for your website to be effective you have to take into account elements such as visits to the page or its positioning. This is essential for your website to turn into a tool that sells the products and services that your company offers.

If you go to your website and analyze the latest statistics on your website, and they are not optimal, it may be time to make changes. One of the reasons that visits and rankings can go down is because the content is simply not appropriate anymore. This is why you need to make those changes.  

2. The website does not adapt to modern mobiles

Today most of the users who visit your website will do so using a Smartphone. Considering this detail, it is extremely important that your website has a design that adapts to any resolution.

If your website is years old and hasn’t been redesigned in recent years, it’s probably not cell phone friendly. In that case, a redesign of your page becomes necessary.

Pointing at phone: 15 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

3. The web page takes too long to load

It is annoying to enter a website that does not load immediately. Today most users are very busy and therefore tend to be impatient. If your web page does not open in 3 or 4 seconds, the user is likely to give up trying to open it.

It is also important to take into account that search engines like Google are not fans of slow web pages. Taking this into account, your website will probably rank much lower.

4. Your website design is outdated and outdated

If the images, design and even the background music on your website are out of date. We urge you to think about a redesign immediately. Users and visitors on the internet have become demanding people who pay attention to every detail.

If your web page is out of date, the images are old and it is difficult to navigate through it, it is time for a redesign.

5. Your website is not user friendly

Today, the user experience is important and we are not only talking about the internet but in general. Users want access to the menu and all the elements of their page to be accessible when visiting their page.

If you are looking for information about their products, services and prices, they want to find them quickly. Periodic modifications, such as making certain buttons larger that the user uses more, are relevant.

6. Viewing the Page in browsers

We already mentioned above the importance of your website being compatible with most Smartphones. You also have to take into account the display of your web page in the various browsers.

Before the design of the pages, it based on Internet Explorer. So, if your web page was designed at that time, today it could be a problem. Failure to perform a timely redesign may mean that your web page does not look good in modern browsers. We mean browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

7. Changes in the company or business

Many companies, depending on their nature, need to make substantial changes in various elements. Many times, they readjust their proposals or make changes in their services. If this is the case, it is extremely important to redesign the website. This is important so that it is consistent with your new line of business.

If you make important changes to your company that don’t reflect on the website, it will not serve its purpose. Your page must reflect the present and future of your company. This is crucial so that it goes hand in hand with the new internal needs.

8. Conversions from visits to your page are important

Not only is it enough to offer an excellent visual proposal with unique content and images that are attractive to the user. Nor is it enough to have a web page where users are able to navigate it without problems.

If what you want is for your website to sell your products and services, you should think about conversions. When we talk about conversions, we refer to registering, buying, and downloading documents and other activities. All of which are carried out on web pages. If users can’t do any of this optimally, it’s time to redesign.

9. Limitations with tables and frames

Before, web pages were extremely static, so at that time navigating them and searching for content was more difficult. Today web pages are much more dynamic since they work with CMS. A clear example of a CMS is the WordPress content manager.

If your website existed before the emergence of CMS, it is definitely going to need an imminent makeover. Since today the pages work with CMS and with programming languages ​​like PHP, today everything is simpler. PHP allows changes quickly and the ability to add new content is unlimited.

10. Appropriate programming language for your website

You cannot imagine the amount of web pages that still exist with outdated programming language. This causes them to have errors when loading the content and there are errors in the code or syntax problems.

All this does is harm the positioning of your page in the various search engines. Therefore, it damages the productivity of your page. For a time Flash ruled, which is a language that specifically refers to objects. However, today it became difficult to access and complex, since the content that works with flash is unavailable until it is fully loaded.

So if you still use the Flash language on your website, the redesign becomes more than necessary.

Pointing at website: 15 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

11. Your website lacks good positioning (for several reasons)

The website of your business serves to cover many needs, as we said before, above all, it must be designed to sell your products and services. For your page to be visible to users in general, it is necessary that your page has a good positioning.

If you want to have more visits on your page, it is extremely important that it is well positioned, since the higher your website is in search engines, the more reach you will have to millions of potential buyers and clients.

Many companies when designing their web pages, do not take this into account, and that is why we sometimes see low positions in search engines. The reason for this is because the content is not optimal and this is affecting the rank. This is also essential to consider at all times.

That is why today SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so popular. You have to take into account that search engines are always changing and therefore the elements that make your page well positioned or not. Maybe your page ranked high but it is no longer so. This happens due to these constant changes.

This is precisely where it is necessary to create an SEO strategy, since this will allow you to visualize the changes required. This in order to re -climb positions in search engines. 

12. It is not generating the expected results

When you asked someone to design the website for you, you probably had in mind what you wanted it for and the results you wanted to obtain. Perhaps what you did not take into account is that for your page to produce results, it takes more than a beautiful graphic design. This is a lesson that is difficult to learn, but it is essential for optimal results.

While it is true, this element is important; the reality is that most hope that their website will help them promote their products. Also to help you build a network of potential new clients and prospects.

It is necessary to make reviews of the results periodically, reviewing the old statistics with the new ones. In this way, you are observing in a timely manner, if the expected results happened or not. If the results are not ideal, it is necessary to make changes to the web immediately.

13. Outdated or monotonous letter colors and designs

It may sound like this is a detail that is not so important when it comes to redesigning the website, but the truth is that it is. When someone enters a website for the first time, many times they will pay attention to details such as the colors and letters used on the website.

If the letters are difficult to read and have colors that are not attractive to the eye, it is very likely that the user will not want to go back in. If the colors of the web page are monotonous or dull, it can also be a reason for the user to decide not to enter again.

14. The competition ranks higher

If you enter the search engines and see that competitors positioning higher, you have to pay attention. It is very likely that they are constantly updating the content and information on their website, and perhaps you are not.

In these cases, the SEO tool can be very helpful for you and above all, it will help you determine the elements of your page that require a redesign.

15. The website is not working properly for any specific reason

A good way to know if your website is actually effective and is achieving its objective is to ask your customers. Questions such as whether for example they have found all the information they were looking for in an agile and simple way, are relevant.

Other questions such as whether they were able to easily access the menu, whether they believe that the services and products are very clear and whether the navigation was confusing are essential to know if things are being done well.

These are just some of the reasons why you should carry out a redesign of your web page immediately. This will help you get the expected results and show you where you are positioning in the search engines is optimal.